Sustainable Wineries for Climate Protection is the only environmental sustainability certification for the wine sector.
It has allowed us to underline Artevino’s environmental commitment further, through independent certification.

1 Establish a Reduction Plan.

2 Undertake Reduction Actions.

3 Measure the impact of implemented actions.

4 Act on measures whose impact is not as expected.

What aspects does SWfCP evaluate?

Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Renewable Energy
and Energy Efficiency

Waste Reduction

Water Management

Certification advantages

Showing a strong, quantifiable environmental commitment

Medium- and long-term savings through process improvement

Differential value in the market

Seal recognised by national and international distribution

Highest score in the Wine Sector Support Programmes

Direct easy access to MITECO's National Carbon Footprint Registry

The programme, promoted by the Spanish Wine Federation and widely acclaimed internationally, awards recognition to wineries committed to sustainability and ecology, including Bodegas Izadi, Finca Villacreces and Bodegas Vetus.